Adil Overseas is fully computerized to ensure prompt response to our principal. We extend our services based on the following methodologies:

  • Process skilled and unskilled workers and professional with the aid of Date Bank. keep on conducting the trade test and interview throughout the year of the following classifications.
  • Those who possess license or qualification certificate of various trades.
  • Those who have received vocational raining at the recognized public
  • Those who have trade experience and have been determined by the authorized selection committee as having excellent skill.
  • Those who have long experience in a profession without the requisite license of qualification certificate and accordingly keep our Date Bank updated.
  • After compiling the bio-data, we conduct necessary Tests covering general aspects. Trade aspects, physical interview and practical test.
  • Each and every candidate is tested by our Recruitment and placement committee. All such selected candidates Bio-data are processed and stored in our Data -Bank.
  • On receipt of 10 Demand Porn the principal, Adil Overseas immediately s’: itches on the Data-Bank and finds out whether our selected persons can fully meet the requirement of the Principal

as per Demand letter and where the number is exceeded the open recruitment of the warranted. To assist the open recruitment and mobilization of the total workforce Adil Overseas has vast net work of contacts over entire country through its field representatives who are the to-between or contact persons and penetrate deep into far and remote villages to get the actual tough and hardy workers i.e. right man for the right job. These field representatives keep full time liaison between the company and the country’s interior on habitants who work in the Agricultural field and consequently possess a good health. The moment we notify these representatives about any manpower requirement of the principal, they are able to produce quite sizable number of persons with requisite witness within the quickest possible time.