Why Choose BD Workers


The lucrative advantages that attract the overseas employers to recruit Bangladeshi worriers are:

  • Bangladesh is endowed with highly productive labour force.
  • The wages of a labour is fundamentally depending on his skill and the standard of living of the country which he belongs to.
  • As the per capita GDP and the standard of living in Bangladesh is relatively lower compared to other labour intensive countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, the wages structure for Bangladesh workers resultantly is the lowest ones.
  • The prescribed wages of Bangladeshi workers are absolutely lowest

Compared to other countries, whether it is for an unskilled worker on a fully skilled one,

  • Bangladesh Government considering the present depressed economic conditions prevailing in this region, has significantly reduced the minimum standard wages of Bangladesh; workers for placement abroad.
  • While the overseas employment position in other countries including Philippines, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri-Lanka has started declining, we are achieving a faster and steady growth in this arena and the same has also requited in the manifold increases in the remittances of the wages by the wages-earners from abroad.
  • Bangladesh is situated in close proximity among Mid-Eastern and South East Asian countries. It takes only 5 hours flying time from Dhaka to any cities in the Mid-Eastern countries and 2.5 hours flying time in south East Asian countries.
  • Traffic cost is relatively cheaper. considering the outstanding relationship among the Mid- Eastern and south East Asian countries, we have special and confessional air fares for many countries which is applied to jab related traffic. On an average, one way air ticket should not cost a workers more then US$ 300 for south East Asian countries and US$ 500 for any destination to any Gulf Stations.
  • As almost all the Airliners from Gulf and south East Asian countries are operating to and from Dhaka, it is very convenient for deployment of the workers. There are fights every day and about 4000 workers in a normal course, could be dispatched weekly from Dhaka.
  • Being a tropical country, our workers are accustomed to work in a hot climate, which conforms to climatic conditions of almost all the Gulf and south East Asian countries.
  • Being a Muslim country, each and every worker is fully aware of the custom, tradition and religious sanctions of the host countries, which eventually becomes easier on the part of Bangladeshi workforce to follow, adapts accept and honour.
  • Bangladesh workers are generally, loyal hard working, disciplined and multi skilled. Over the years, through their hard work and loyalty they built up an outstanding image which is unattainable by others.