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Designers & developers


Software projects


Scale your development, design and build great apps!

Product Owners and CTOs in start-ups and SMEs craft their SaaS products or build their own cloud-based solutions with our teams.


Design effective products with elegant interfaces and delightful user experiences.

Custom Software

Craft an end-to-end application with a complete cross-functional software team

& Cloud

Robust Infrastructure as Code solutions for automated provisioning and scaling


React.js is the most popular JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces


Ember.js is a highly-opinionated framework. Companies using it include Microsoft and LinkedIn

React Native

Build native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Ruby on Rails

Web-application framework designed for moving smoothly from an initial idea to working solutions


Build performant web applications based on Javascript – one language for full-stack development

Elixir / Phoenix

Productive, reliable and fast framework for building scalable APIs and web applications


Client Value & Trust

Since 2005 we have designed and engineered well over 150 web and mobile software projects. In doing so our professional community have contributed expertise to boost the performance of entrepreneurs, start-ups and business enterprises. Most of our nearshore clients come from Germany, Scandinavia and the UK, and operate in such locations as Berlin, London, Munich, Copenhagen or Stockholm.

Security, Compliance & Risk Management

Security, Compliance & Risk Management

Digitising RegTech processes with cloud software

The Alyne SaaS platform aids organisations such as Allianz, Deloitte or Barclays in maturing their cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities, and helps companies to make smart, well-informed and risk-aware decisions to secure their digital assets in a cost-effective way. A real-time dashboard with highly flexible funnels enables fast access to assessment results, reports and insights.

Enabling teams to operate productively

This project and workflow management system enables teams to improve the effectiveness of their communications and collaboration. The SaaS platform supports the management of meetings, e-mails, documentation and tasks both within the organization and in exchange with external stakeholders. The system supports the crafting and implementation of plans and helps to align teams towards achieving common goals and results.

Virtual e-sports Arena

Virtual e-sports Arena

Helping gamers become pro players

Battleriff is a platform where online gamers can meet and challenge opponents, develop skills and compete for prizes in favourite esports games. The virtual environment enables gamers to connect their profiles from games like Hearthstone or Smite to the service and compete in ladders for rewards using their skills against peers globally. A matchmaking algorithm pairs opponents bridging the gap between amateur and pro players.

Learning management system

Facilitating corporate learning experiences

Northpass is a cloud-based training platform providing tools to create, distribute and manage courses for employees, customers and channel partners. The SaaS LMS, used by Airbnb, Shopify and Uber, supports the complete training lifecycle and allows to create online courses, deliver training, manage e-learning communities and monitor training metrics. The platform ensures powerful integrations with some other SaaS tools.

Technology stack

Leverage the power of proven technologies